Consolation Family

We grow and strengthen our identity

The Consolation Family is formed of all the people, sisters and laity, who in Shared Mission help each other to live and grow as Christians, with the charism of Consolation as the nexus of our spirituality.

Consolation Family


The Movement "Consolation for the World" (MCM) is an Association of lay faithful at the service of the Mission of the Church. They are linked to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation by the Charism of Consolation, which the Spirit gave to the Church in the person of Saint María Rosa Molas.

The members of the Movement welcome and give life to the Charism, in their personal state and situation of life, committed to the Christian transformation of the society in which they live.

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Consolation Family

DELWENDE, at the service of life

"Educate a woman and you will save a village". With this project that pursued educating and giving voice to women in Africa, the NGOD Delwende was born in 1997.

Its mission: to cooperate in the integral development of vulnerable people by providing them with tools to enable them to achieve progress and social transformation.

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Consolation Family


The Consolation Volunteering is an organization whose objective is to collaborate, completely free of charge and continuously, in the centers of the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation, of other entities, or some of the activities promoted by the Volunteers themselves, thus approaching the most disadvantaged to bring them the Consolation of God.

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Consolation Family


The Latin American Secretariat is a team that works at the service of the mission of the Congregation formed of sisters, lay men and women of the Consolation Family who represent the different pastoral realities of the provinces of Latin America.

As the Latin American Secretariat we are called to reflect, coordinate, guide, and accompany the mission of Consolation, through processes of formation and pastoral animation.

The General Government established the Latin American Secretariat for Pastoral Ministry in 2012, in the light of the document of the V General Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Bishops (2007) in Aparecida and of the I Latin American Pastoral Congress (2010) held in the same city, in which the need for a body to unite efforts and criteria in the pastoral ministry of the continent was raised. The XVII General Chapter supported this initiative and thus began its work.

Later, at the II Latin American Pastoral Congress held in Argentina in 2015 on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the birth of María Rosa Molas, this path was deepened and the need to strengthen networks of pastoral collaboration that would help the integral growth of all the actors, as missionary disciples, giving a new pastoral configuration to the face of Consolation in Latin America was glimpsed.

Both Congresses were important milestones that helped to develop a sense of the Consolation Family in Latin America. The richness of diversity, the inculturation of the charism in each of our countries has been a source of amazement.

Our objectives are:

  • To keep the joint formation and the shared mission in order to continue consolidating the Consolation Family in Latin America.
  • To unite efforts, criteria, and pastoral resources, especially the outreach to young people and the most disadvantaged.
  • To continue favoring the inculturation of the charism in Latin America and the richness that this brings to the congregational body.

In this fragmented, divided, and indifferent world, we want to continue progressing in relational and synodal conversion, to grow and walk together, with a sense of participation and collaboration through networking, establishing synergies, and enriching alliances based on diversity.

Consolation Family


The María Rosa Molas Foundation is a non-profit organization and we develop our activity in the national territory and developing countries.

The values that identify us are justice, solidarity, responsibility, coherence, gratuity, humanization, generosity, evangelization, and cooperation.

In the María Rosa Molas Foundation, the legal framework of the volunteering of the Congregation of Our Lady of Consolation, we echo the cries of the most needy brothers and sisters and we commit ourselves to them according to our goals:

  • To promote voluntary work to contribute to the humanization of people and the improvement of the quality of life.
  • To promote the principles and culture of voluntary work within the project and mission of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation.
  • To provide humanitarian aid in Europe and other developing countries through
    • Financial aid to institutions and private entities that manage care centers for people in need, mainly the elderly, children, immigrants, or those at risk.
    • Through the management of projects, own centers, and/or those of others in any form of collaboration with others.
  • Promote training in the social and healthcare field to contribute to its humanization.

How can I collaborate?

  • By making a single contribution to the fund to help the solidarity actions of international volunteers or in specific emergency projects.
  • With a regular contribution.
  • Think about tomorrow. Your legacy or solidarity inheritance will help us to continue working for the future of many people.

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