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Monday, 06 November 2023


Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Cathedral of Ciutadella de Menorca: Eucharist for the 100 years - 1923 to 2023 - of educational presence in the city of the Sisters. of the Consolation... in the street Ses Andrones first and then in the Carrer Mare Molas.

Among the Whatsapps received today I read what was written by a priest of the diocese: Why do we give little importance to what is usual? It is beautiful to celebrate anniversaries, because these are the sum of many very positive daily experiences. I thank those who celebrate anniversaries because they celebrate the immense value of what they do every day.

This is fulfilled in what was lived in the feast of the continuity of a story of Consolation woven over 100 years. A hundred years that represent many days of a daily life informed by the convictions and values of all the educators and staff of the center, who, in addition to providing the students with the necessary instruments for an integral education, have educated and educate with the heart; people who, for the Christian depth of their existence and for the coherence of their lives, have been and are witnesses of the faith in Jesus in the midst of the children and adolescents of Ciutadella.

The atmosphere in the cathedral I do not know how to transcribe, it corresponds to the intimate experience of those of us who participate in the Eucharist. The sense of belonging and the joy that ran through the interior of many, explains something of what most of us experienced there.

The homily of the Bishop, Mons. Gerardo Villalonga- with this chronicle we send the complete text-, prepared with affection and great affection, placed us before the figure of María Rosa Molas, her educational impulse and intuitions, her expression in education of the Charism she received from the Spirit ... and also an accurate commentary on the readings we chose.

In addition, the seasoning of: the final speech of the mayor, a former student of the school, written and pronounced from her memories and from the assimilation of what she received in it; the emotional and correct words of Cristina Martí, current Head of the Center; the message of the General Government introduced and then read by María Dolores García, Provincial of Europe; the five sisters who, having been to Menorca before, traveled to Ciutadella to attend the celebration ... A wealth of experiences that completed a day rich in deep feelings of thanksgiving for all the days of the 100 years of the School!

As in every party we tasted some tasty and typical "pastissets” in the Cal Bisbe patio and then a meal in the restaurant of the Sagitario Hotel, scheduled and attended with request by the owner of the establishment...

I have no more words to go on... From the depths of my being and that of my sisters of community, we raise our gratitude to the Lord and ask him for the continuity of this work, so that it may continue to be an endless dream for the inhabitants of this beloved island.

M.ª Victoria Aymerich, nsc