Congregation News


Wednesday, 15 November 2023


The delegate sisters for the Chapter coming from 4 continents, arrived in Rome on November 13 for the XIX General Chapter with the motto "Console... Take care of Life." It reminds us of our commitment to console and care for life in all its forms, serving as the guiding principle to follow in the footsteps of Maria Rosa Molas.

On November 14, a day especially marked by the Feast of the "Charism  Day," a celebration that transcends borders and connects the Congregation from different latitudes. It was a day of fraternity, sharing, and joint celebration of the Eucharist in communion with the entire Institute, which could be followed on the Consolation HNS YouTube Channel—a moment to give thanks to God for the Charism that Saint Maria Rosa Molas received as a gift.

In the evening, in a spontaneous, fraternal, and close atmosphere, the sisters began their meeting to share the reality of the different geographical places they came from, a diversity that enriches our identity. They concluded the moment with a prayer.

Photos Eucharist November 14, 2023