Congregation News


Monday, 06 November 2023


On the weekend of October 28th and 29th, at the Colegio de la Consolación in Madrid, we celebrated the sixteenth edition of the Samuel Vocational Festival, where more than 180 people from all over Spain met under the motto "Shall we meet?", inspired by the Gospel text of Emus and which is an invitation to walk together. The school was filled with meetings and reunions, music and prayer.

In this edition, the workshops were based on finding the different locations where we can encounter God in our lives: art, meditation, listening to the Word of God, everyday life and the various social realities that surround us. Another special moment were the different testimonies where people shared what were those moments that led them to find their vocation and that, helped us to question and deepen about ourselves, also at the prayer vigil we were able to listen to other testimonies of participants in various experiences lived last summer such as WYD, the Together meeting, voluntary ...

The team, when starting to organize this edition, was inspired by the question that the disciples asked themselves on the road to Emmaus: "Didn't our heart burn inside us as he spoke to us on the road, and explained the scriptures to us?"The answer is a resounding "yes”, our hearts burned and will continue to burn. Just as Jesus stayed with the disciples of Emmaus, this experience will last in me and in all the participants for a long time.